Name of Client: Ministry of Water and Environment

Project Name: Consultancy Services for Preparation of Micro Catchments Management Plan for Lot 1: Two (2) Micro Catchments Around Selected Water Sources in Ora and Enyau Sub Catchments


The Integrated Water Management and Development Project (IWMDP) is a Seven (7) year Government of Uganda (GoU) Project whose overall objective is to improve the sustainable provision of safe water and sanitation services to the host communities and refugee population in the refugee host districts in West Nile and Northern Uganda, through the provision of sustainable safe water and sanitation services, and management and conservation of water source catchments.

As part of IWMDP sustainability plan, Catchment management measures have been incorporated with a view of enhancing the environmental conditions in the catchment for a sustained hydrological regime which in a long run shall sustain the water demands of the established systems. The catchment management measures are essential in safeguarding the future quantity and quality of water sources and to adapting to climate change. The plans include the following objectives: (i) to prepare micro catchment management plans for areas around water sources; (ii) to implement identified micro- catchment management measures such as soil and water conservation, tree planting, wetland restoration, river bank restoration etc. to ensure the integrity and security of the water sources; and (iii) to support the communities in the micro-catchment to carry out alternative livelihood improvement activities as will be identified in the micro catchment management plans, such as apiary, fish farming, fruit tree growing etc.

Noting that Catchment Management Plans (CMPs) for the whole of Northern Uganda have been prepared, they could be used to guide coordinated planning for water and related resources in refugee camps and host communities. However, in order to ensure adequate stakeholders’ engagement and participation within the local communities, a lower-level micro catchment management plan is desirable. Through this project under Component 1.3, it is hoped that experiences concerning stakeholder involvement, coordination and implementation of Water Resources Management (WRM) interventions in refugee settlements can be gathered, systematized and applied. Subsequently, the consultancy services will facilitate local communities to prepare Micro-Catchment Management Plans (mCMPs) for two micro-catchments of Ora and Enyau. The mCMPs will be prepared through a bottom-up fully participatory approach to ensure their ownership and sustainable impact. The prepared mCMPs will provide details on activities, timelines, budgets, institutional and other implementation arrangements; this will ensure successful implementation of the plans.

Objective: To support the Directorate of Water Resources Management (DWRM) to prepare mCMPs in the refugee water supply sources to address challenges of water and/or natural resources degradation while improving people’s livelihoods and develop specifications, bills of quantities, and tender documents for their implementation.


  • Delineation of the Micro- catchment and Catchment Baseline Information
  • Stakeholder engagement and establishment of micro-Catchment Management Structures
  • Micro-catchment Problem/Threat identification and Analyses
  • Micro-catchment Solution Identification and delineation of intervention areas
  • Preparation of the first Draft Micro-Catchment Management Plan
  • Preparation of the final Micro Catchment Management Plan
  • Identification and preparation of costed investment and management measures in the priority micro-catchment areas
  • Preparation of Environmental and Social Project Briefs
  • Preparation of appropriate tender documentation

Period: Since April, 2021 – to date

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