Environmental and Social Safeguard Department

The department comprises experts who are certified and registered by National Environment Management Authority(NEMA) to carry out Environmental and Social Impact Assessments of projects. Our team of environmentalists, ecologists, botanists, land Valuers, surveyors, sociologists, soil scientists, among others carry out the following;

Environmental safeguards

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment(ESIA)

The National Environment Management Policy, 1994 requires that projects or activities likely to have significant adverse ecological or social impacts undertake an EISA before implementation. We work with our clients to assess and report on the proposed project activities, identifying possible impacts and suggesting measures of enhancing the positive ones and minimizing or eliminating the negative ones.

  • Environmental Planning, Implementation and Monitoring

We do formulation and implementation of plans such as;

  • Health, Safety and Environment Management Plan
  • Environmental, Social Management and Monitoring Plan
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Resettlement Action Plans
  • HIV/AIDS and STI Management Plans
  • Decommissioning plans etc.

Environmental Monitoring and Compliance

For our clients, we want to ensure the ongoing success of their projects. This is done through environmental monitoring and compliance. We continuously obtain information to determine if the project activities control their polluting discharges and emissions, as required by several laws, regulations and policies.

Environmental and Social Compliance Auditing

After commencement of the project and during its lifecycle, a developer is tasked with conducting yearly environmental and social compliance audits as per the National Environment Audit Regulations and the National Environmental Act. Our team of audit experts comprising Sociologists, Hydrologists, Food Safety Specialists, Toxicologists, Ecologists, Environmental Engineers and others work together to make sure that the audit is exhaustive and encompasses all environmental and social matters of concern.

Social Safeguards

Social safeguards are essential tools to prevent and mitigate undue harm to people during the development of a project. Our firm offers the following services.

HIV/AIDS and STI Awareness and Sensitization

Projects are an increasingly important part of modern life, but of most importance is putting in place provisions for mitigation of HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections(STI) spread between the project employees and the local communities. For any project therefore, our team of sociologists and medical experts work hand in hand with our clients to prepare HIV/AIDS and STI control polices, offer screening and treatment services and also voluntary testing and counselling.

Resettlement Action Plans(RAPS)

In light of the current activities in the vicinity of proposed projects, there may be need for compensation to affected properties like crops, trees, structures as well as securing land local economic infrastructure. Our team of surveyors and land Valuers thus identify the people affected, losses to be incurred and without bias address this involuntary resettlement, livelihoods as well as compensation issues related to project affected persons.