Name of Client: Ministry of Water and Environment, Directorate of Water Development, Water and Sanitation Development Facility-SWB

Project Name: Consultancy Services for Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for Kyenshama Earth Dam in Mbarara District

Description: The Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) through its Directorate of Water Development (DWD) under the Water for Production Regional Centre West Production (WfP-RCW) is implementing construction of multi-purpose reservoirs for domestic irrigation, livestock watering and fisheries with an objective of increasing productivity and regulating dependency on rain-fed agriculture which is heavily affected by prolonged droughts. Kyenshama Dam to be located at the border of Mbarara District and Kiruhura District in Kashare Sub County, Mbarara District and Kashongi Sub County, Kiruhura District is among the dams that have been planned for construction by WfP-RCW the FY 20/21 budget.

Objective: To carry out an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)for Irrigation Scheme Development Projects in Uganda. This will include establishment of an environmental baseline, assessment of proposed development options, scoping; prediction of the magnitude and significance of environmental and social impacts, recommending mitigation measures for identified impacts, and devising how they can be incorporated into project design and implementation plans. The study will be undertaken within the regulatory framework of the Government of Uganda.


  • Establishment of a Socio-Environmental Baseline
  • Socio and Environmental Scoping
  • Policy, Legislative, Regulatory, administrative Considerations
  • Policy, Legislative, Regulatory, administrative Considerations
  • Determination of the potential impacts of the proposed Irrigation schemes
  • Formulation of Mitigation Measures
  • Analysis of Alternatives
  • Development of the Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMPS)
  • Preparation of the ESIA Report

Period: Since Jan, 2021 – to date

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