Name of Client: Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development_USMID-AF_Apac Municipal Council

Project Name: Consultancy services for the design review and construction supervision of Works on Infrastructure Subprojects in Apac Municipal Council

Description: The Government of Uganda represented by the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development has over the last 5 years been implementing the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) Program with Financing from the World Bank (IDA). The Program Development Objective was to enhance the institutional performance of the 14 Municipal Local Governments of Arua, Gulu, Lira, Soroti, Moroto, Mbale, Tororo, Jinja, Entebbe, Masaka, Mbarara, Kabale, Hoima and Fort Portal to improve urban service delivery.

As part of the urban infrastructure investments, the Program will fund Apac municipal infrastructure development through upgrading of Hospital/Chawente and Chegere Roads to class II paved road


  • During the contractor’s mobilization period, carry out the design review for the project.
  • Ensure that all existing utility services are relocated to the Contractor’s satisfaction.
  • Liaise with the respective Municipality/City to ensure necessary compensations are made.
  • Identify and verify the accuracy of all the survey ground control stations established during design stage.
  • Issue the Contractor with all requested necessary information necessary.
  • Supervise fully construction works to be executed in accordance with sound technical administration, financial and economic practices.
  • Check and verify on a regular basis the validity of all insurance/guarantees which the contractor is obliged to have in place.
  • Check that the contractor follows safe working practices in all operations and immediately draw attention to any instances where this policy is not followed
  • Organize the supervision of the works contract with proper allocation of responsibilities to individual members of the supervision team.
  • Prepare any design changes as necessary or advisable to suit field conditions.
  • Routinely and at not more than two month’s intervals, advise the Employer of the estimated total cost in contract currencies to completion of the Works.
  • Approve the Contractor’s setting out of the Works and preparation for the Works, prior to issuing approval to construct the Works.
  • Carry out soils and materials investigations as necessary or advisable to minimize overhaul, to optimize the use of available resources, to enhance economy etc.
  • Conduct all necessary and advisable inspection, sampling, testing and analysis for all soils and materials proposed and used by the Contractor in the Works
  • Routinely inspect the Works both under construction and completed, for compliance.
  • Formally arrange joint inspections with the Contractor, in the presence of the Employer.
  • Keep and maintain up-to-date detailed Daily Site Diary and detailed records
  • Keep and maintain detailed records (and make available for inspection)
  • Review the Contractor’s proposed work programs and associated work method statements and approve or reject the proposals accordingly.
  • Continuously monitor the Contractor’s progress
  • Review and familiarize with HIV/AIDSs policy in Uganda and strategy, and follow up and report in the monthly reports on the contractor’s implementations.
  • Review and check the Contractor’s Payment Applications.
  • Thoroughly review and analyze all the Contractor’s applications for extensions of time or claims for additional payment.
  • Ensure that all materials to be handed over to the client after completion of the works are properly dismantled and the officially handed over to the client.
  • In the event of adjudication or arbitration, provide the necessary personnel and expertise to advise and assist the Employer in any such process.
  • Provide on-the-job training to not more than 2 graduate civil engineers at a time.
  • Take, keep and maintain an official photographic record of digital color progress photographs throughout the duration of the Contract
  • Submit progress reports to fully acquaint the client with all aspects likely to affect the Technical and Financial implementation of the project.
  • Review, approve and submit two full sets of as-built drawings within two months of completion of the Works.
  • Review and get familiar with and ensure proper implementation of the project as per guidelines, policies set forth in the Environmental Procedures Manual of NEMA as well as with Government of Uganda’s policies on environmental aspects.
  • Have full consultation with the respective Municipalities during implementation of the mitigation measures.
  • Establish a quality assurance system to ascertain the desired quality standards at all stages of the service.
  • Ensure that the C-ESMP is developed and approved by District/Municipal Technical Planning Committee
  • Appropriate staffing in place and time allocation completed for the contractor
  • Adherence to standard labor recruitment procedures in line with the laws of Uganda.
  • All necessary certification /permits/licenses/agreements acquired for sub-projects and project auxiliary infrastructure.
  • Ensure Code of conduct is signed by all Employees.
  • Put in place Workers Grievance Redress Mechanism.
  • Environment and Social Management Strategies and Plans are prepared and approved by District/Municipal Technical Planning Committee
  • Accident/incident log established and staff trained.
  • Orientation and training on ESHS requirements undertaken for relevant staff.
  • Ensure there are records of toolbox meetings and ESHS drills held (reports)
  • Decommissioning and restoration plans in place and fully implemented.

Objective: To diligently fulfil the role of the Project Manager to the highest professional standards, as defined under the Works Contract and to supervise construction of the works and associated environment, social, health and safety management plans on behalf of the Clients: Lira City, Apac and Moroto Municipalities throughout the entire construction period, including the defects liability period.

Period: Since April, 2021 – to date

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