Name of Client:Kira Municipal Council

Project Name: Consultancy services for supervision of Civil Works for Upgrade to Bitumen standards using low-cost seal of Agenda – Mbalwa – Agenda -Namugongo (1.6Km) and Pine Road (1.2Km)

Description: Kira Municipal Council, received financing from Ministry of Works and Transport to support the special urban needs for bad urban roads and the need for infrastructure improvement in Kira Municipal Council. Most of these infrastructures have outlived their service life but there is evidence to suggest that some of them can still serve once strengthened to increase their service life, since their pavements are not heavily distressed. However, some of them show signs of considerable damage to underlying layers and may require modifications. Kira Municipality intends to apply part of the proceeds to hire firms to supervise Civil Works for Upgrade to Bitumen standards using low cost seal of Agenda – Mbalwa – Agenda -Namugongo (1.6Km) and Pine Road (1.2Km).


  • Prior to Contractor mobilization, convene a meeting to discuss the proposed work plan, Contractor’s mobilization, location of work camps and other relevant issues.
  • Ensure that the Contractor has mobilized and supplied to the contract all plant, equipment and machinery that has been committed in the Bid and ensure that all such items of plant remain on the contract until their release has been authorized.
  • Examine each contract work plan and agree on any amendments with the Contractor.
  • Approve the Work Programme submitted by the Contractor at mobilization stage.
  • In collaboration with the Client, hand over the site to the Contractor including transfer of the relevant geodetic reference points and provide continuous liaison with the Client.
  • Liaise with the relevant service authorities as may be necessary.
  • Call and chair site meetings.
  • Check the Contractor’s setting out of the works and provide day-to-day quality and quantity supervision of the works contract;
  • Ensure that the Contractor utilizes the materials for quality works in accordance with the specifications by testing and approving all materials before use on the road
  • Carry out control field test as appropriate on soils, gravels, lime, bitumen, aggregates, stone chippings and concrete and compaction operations to ensure compliance with specifications.
  • Prepare and transport samples for laboratory testing when deemed necessary by the Client.

Objective: To supervise and monitor the physical progress and financial status of the roads on behalf of Kira Municipal Council supported by MoWT.

Period: Since 18th June, 2020 – to date

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